Announcement of Radiation-Free

To all of our valued customers,

Regarding the ongoing problem ex Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, we Kindai Kagaku Japan Co., Ltd would like to announce that all of our cosmetic products are safe for human use and radiation-free* based on the following facts.

* “radiation-free” stands for having normal minute level of radiation, which is coming from the natural environment before the plant accident and/or below the limit of official allowable radiation limit.

1. Our location

Our company (factory) locates in Ebina-city of Kanagawa prefecture, which is 300km away from the plant in Fukushima prefecture. The official evacuation area as of today is within 20km circle from the plant.


2. Radiation monitoring

We’re watching everyday the official value of radiation on the points of;

Drinking water treatment plant from which we are supplied the water

Air of Kanagawa prefecture where our factory locates

Since the plant accident, the values keep far below from the predefined limit value of WHO guideline (for water, α-radiation 0.5Bq/L, β-radiation 1Bq/L) and ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) guideline (for environmental air, 1mSv/y)

3. Raw material & Package

We have already obtained the place of origin of raw materials & packages from the individual suppliers to confirm if they’re not came from the possible contamination area.

4. Our water purificator

The water used for our cosmetic product is coming from the local drinking water treatment plant. We process the water via our water purificator.

The water purificator maker announced to ensure that the purificator catches and purges radioactive iodine.


5. Our Geiger counter

We set a new internal quality assurance protocol to check the radiation level of inbound raw material, package and outbound our products using our Geiger counter (radiation detector) that we arranged after the plant accident.

6. Periodical check over water to be used for the products

We also set a new rule to have a monthly check over purified water, which will be carried by the external certified analytical center.